January 19th - 22nd, 2018
Together with fans, students and experts we want to create new fan experiences and innovations.


HackDays or “Hackathon” is an event where experts from different disciplines work together in teams on technical, business or design problems with the goal of developing innovative and creative software to build prototypes and generate new ideas.


Thinking of fan experiences and services in a new way. Testing and applying innovative and new technologies within and outside the stadium. Bringing the emotional connection of our club to life even more through technology and digital infrastructure. Learning from each other and creating new things together.

For the first time, FC Bayern Munich will host, together with its fans, partners, leading experts, start-ups and students from all over the world, the #FCBayernHackDays to learn together, face new challenges and to research new innovative possibilities.


New technologies develop rapidly and become more and more important – on and off the field. Innovations change the behavior and demands of the fans and can also make the difference in the area of sports.


19.-22. January 2018,
4 days hacking,
unique prices.


Personalized fan experiences, Data analysis, VR & AR, Global fan connection, Innovative services and much more…


arena und live data access, prototyping in unique environment during a Bundesliga match. Cutting edge technology and makerspace, lightning talks, entertainment, fun.


Unique Hacker Space

Workspace in the Allianz Arena

Free drinks and food

Hardware Library

Access to the latest gadgets (e.g. hololens, vive, arduino, joule, drones, sensors, smart football, jetson)

Technology-library including all the hardware, electronics and gadgets you can imagine (bring us a deposit and you can borrow almost anything that is out there!)

The MakerSpace

Free access to the UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace during the FCBayernHackDays Laser cutter, 3D-printer, water-jet, soldering bolt or a Pick-n-Place? Everything is here. High-tech workshops for metal, wood and textiles


The #FCBayernHackDays are a hands-on fusion of technology, design, science and soccer. We are looking for fans, entrepreneurs, creatives, tech evangelists, innovators, designers, hackers, makers & more. No matter if you are from Munich or from far away.


We provide you with unique hacker floors in the Allianz Arena. Also at match day – FC Bayern München vs. Werder Bremen on Sunday (Jan. 21st) – we want to hack as much as possible.

Inspiration & collaboration

In an unique atmosphere with fans, hackers and experts from all over the world you can let your creativity flow. We take care of your inspiration with lightning talks from experts. But we will also have some surprises coming up for your entertainment.

Awards & Prizes

Participants will take part in the challenges in teams of 3-5 persons. The final pitches will take place on Monday (Jan 22th). We will award challenge winners and also an overall  #FCBayernHackDays winner. The main price will for the winning team will be a away game trip in Europe with the team of FC Bayern (e.g. Champions League)

Travel costs & Catering

If you are selected as participant and are a long distance traveler, we will organize your flight, bus or train ticket and cover the cost to support you. During HackDays we will provide free food and drinks to all participants.

Overnight stay

We will provide sufficient and free accommodation options (including breakfast) to participants that need to travel longer distances.


1. Telekom Challenge

Next Reality – Develop innovative and fascinating mixed reality offers/features (AR, VR) for the FC Bayern Community

  • How would you satisfy fan needs with wow-effects through AR and VR?
  • What added value can you imagine through AR and VR data and information for our fans?
  • How would you enrich the fan journey in the stadium, in the sports bar or on the road with new experiences and information?

2. adidas Challenge

Mobile interaction and commerce- Redefine how we engage with our fans around the world

  • How would you engage with our Generation Z fans via mobile?
  • What are your ideas to enhance the experience and product storytelling?
  • How would you combine community building and digital benefits with real products?

3. Audi Challenge

Your fan experience and your car – Explore new ways how your car can become an integrated part of your fan experience

  • How can we find new ways of interacting with FC Bayern fans while sitting in a car?
  • How can new mobilty services improve the fan experience?
  • How can innovation in mobility like autonomous driving and e-mobility be transfered to innovation accelerating fan experiences?

4. SAP Challenge

Fan-Activation 4.0 – Invent fascinating and innovative digital fan experiences

  • What are your ideas how to turn unknown into known fans by offering innovative personalized digital fan experiences?
  • How would you use content, digital channels and situations to identify and address fans worldwide?
  • How do we connect international fan communities?

5. Siemens Challenge

Journey to Allianz Arena – A new way to experience the way to Allianz Arena, no matter what kind of transportation

  • How would you provide best transportation fitting to each individual’s needs as speed, comfort, in groups or alone?
  • What is your idea for fan interaction on the way to the stadium?
  • How is the subway, the autobahn or even the subway station itself part of the experience?

6. DHL Challenge

Explore new ways to grow and add value to a DHL enabled global fan community

  • How would you connect and entertain fans in the community, e.g. through gamification?
  • What are your ideas to attract new members to grow the community significantly?
  • Which added value services would you provide for community members in relation to ecommerce and logistics?

7. FC Bayern Challenge

Creativity meets technology – How to apply new technologies in order to create new fan-experiences

  • How can fan emotions in the stadium, in sports bars and in front of screens be connected in an intelligent way?
  • How can trust building concepts like blockchain be applied in order to provide new values for fans?
  • How can mini programs in messenger services or chatbots be applied in intelligent ways?


Are you a maker, visionary, hacker, VR specialist, data geek? Are you working in a start-up or are you a fan with new and crazy ideas? Then apply now! Tell us why you want to participate and should invite you!
„How do I get selected?“
In December we are going to choose participants through criteria that include creativity, motivation, hacking, technology- and maker experience. Thereby, we ensure interdisciplinary teams and participants from various fields with different backgrounds.
And don’t worry if you have never participated in a hackathon. Your motivation and drive for why you want to participate is particularly important for us! Good luck!


Purnima Kochikar

Director, Google Play, Apps and Games


Stefan Mennerich

Director Media, Digital and Communication

FC Bayern Munich

James Kirkham

Head of COPA90


Anton Alfimenko

Motion Designer & Video Director

Bleacher Report

Tim Jacobi

Partner Engineer


Vincent Ulmer

CEO BotBoys


Joel Spolsky

CEO of Stack Overflow


Johann Romefort

Tech Evangelist


Jacqueline Bourke

Senior Manager Of Creative Insights

Getty Images

Johannes Nicolai

Enterprise Solutions Engineering


Ivo Bronsveld

Director of Product Innovation


Till Haunschild

Magician & Entrepreneur

Magic & Startups


Organization Partner

Conference Partner

Media Partners


What is a hackathon?

In general a hackathon (also known as HackDays or Codefest) is a Software- and Hardware development event where different participants work collaboratively in teams on technical, business and design problems. Hackathons typically have a specific topic (e.g. sports innovation). The goal of hackathons is to generate useful, creative or innovative software and/or hardware prototypes and/or ideas together within the time span of the event.

Who should apply?

No matter if you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur: everybody is welcome and can apply.
Specifically, we are looking for makers, innovators, creative people, visionaries, VR specialists, data geeks, sports tech start-ups or fans with crazy ideas.

Please keep in mind that we only have a limited number of places. Therefore, you should apply here immediately and let us know how you want to contribute to the success of the #FCBayernHackDays. What is your motivation to participate? What is your professional background?

What are the selection criteria?

In December we select our participants based on criteria like creativity, motivation, hacker, technology and maker experience. We intentionally focus on interdisciplinary teams and participants with different professions and backgrounds. You haven’t participated in a hackathon yet? No worries, your motivation why you want to participate is most important for us.

What do I bring?

Ideally, you come well rested and in a good mood to the #FCBayernHackDays. In general, it is enough to bring your own laptop.
Furthermore, you should bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. It is important that you tell us in your application if you want to stay overnight in our facilities. Everything else like food, drinks, coaches, speakers, technology and side-events is organized by us in order for you to have unforgettable #FCBayernHackDays.

What are the goals of the #FCBayernHackDays?

We want to advance the fan experience by using latest technologies and digital media. Therefore, we hope for many exiting ideas, projects and solutions within the single challenges. Our goal is to continue working on all projects, which show potential and we would like to do this also together with you.
However, most important for us is to organize an event in a unique and creative atmosphere, which will be an unforgettable experience for every single participant.

Where will the #FCBayernHackDays be?

You can hack in our Allianz Arena and on top of that there is the possibility to test projects during the match FC Bayern München – Werder Bremen. Additionally, you get access to the 1500qm Makerspace of the UnternehmerTUM to work with laser cutters, 3D printers and much more.
The transport between the different event locations is organized by us.

How do I find a team?

After you receive the confirmation that you have been accepted in December, we invite you to our event specific communication channel. You can use this tool to communicate with other participants before the event and find potential team partners.
In any case, on the first day of the #FCBayernHackDays there will be a team building and ideation phase after the detailed presentation of all challenges.

Are the HackDays for free?

Yes, the event is for free.
Food, drinks, accommodation, and technology is provided to the extent needed by us for the course of the hackathon. Please keep in mind that the available places for accommodation are limited. We also cover up to 100% of your travel costs. For this reason, please tell us from where you will travel to Munich during the application process.

What are the prizes?

Every participant can win unique FC Bayern experiences. Furthermore there will be other prizes, thanks to our partners and sponsors.

Who owns my work and IP?

All ideas and prototypes that you hand-in are open-source which is a common approach in hackathons. You as well as your team members and others are allowed to continue with the ideas. Of course, specific source code or IP that you developed before the hackathon remains your own.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes and we put special emphasis on the compliance of these rules. Here you can read them.

Who organizes the HackDays?

Main organizer of the FC Bayern HackDays is the FC Bayern München AG. Co-organizer is the UnternehmerTUM Projekt GmbH.

Can I apply as a team?

Yes, this is possible. During the application process you can select that you already have a team and name your team members. Please be aware, that due to our selection process, every team member has to apply individually. We can not guarantee that every team member gets accepted for the FC Bayern HackDays.